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This week has been an absolute epic week for new music. However, if you aren’t nearby a computer your entire day (like me) you might have missed out on some heat. Don’t worry, you know I got you on this one. Check out all of the hottest new music to drop in the past seven days

Game ft. Nipsey Hussle – “Slow Down (Freestyle)”
The Good: Arguably the West Coast’s best links up with the West’s next for Game’s latest mixtape The R.E.D. Room. The two trade verses in old school fashion over Fat Joe’s street banger.
The Gem: Game: Ballin, LBJ, Mandalay Bay I’m all in/ throwin’ seven on crap tables where we just parle/
If I need some more chips flipped, I can just call ‘Dre
Nipsey: Young Nip, with a chick by the bar like Sade
Game: And that’s all day. Nipsey: Bet a hundred thousand and Mayweather Game: Put mine on Pacquiao cause his shit pay better.
The Grade: (B-) You can’t really go wrong with this beat, while Game and Nipsey ride the beat like the professionals they are (No Ciara.)

Download: Game’s The R.E.D. Room

Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys – “Love Letter To The Beat” (Produced By Chad Hugo)
The Good: A personal dream team of mine on one track. The Chi-town Guevara and the incomparable Alicia Keys link up with the vastly underrated half of the Neptunes, Chad Hugo for a funky, feel good two-stepper.
The Gem: “Lets Be there all the time stop visitn’/ then we committed the crime, and now we in the pen/
And there’s no parole, it’s life sentencing’/ I know the sounds like potential wife-sentiments. But then again/ we ain’t got to go to prison just to get it in.
The Grade: (A-) Despite the controversy that followed this leak, and Lupe’s incessant distaste for his music being released before he wants it to, this track is a certified banger and Chad Hugo really put his foot in this one.

Download: Lupe Fiasco ft. Alicia Keys – ‘Love Letter To The Beat’

Pac Div – “Shine” ft. Marz Lovejoy” (off of Don’t Mention It)
The Good: The up and coming trio from the Westside unexpectedly drop this trunk-pumpin’ mixtape without any corny trailers or buildup. Before we can say thank you, they say, Don’t Mention It.
The Gem: “Let the champs hold the title/ swear I’m the truth like a hand on the bible/ you saw us change over from your boys to your idols/now watch us take over like the 4th quarter Michael.”
The Grade: (B+) The young trio continues to impress and the follow up to Church League Champions doesn’t disappoint. These tracks knock with no regard for your ears at all!

Download: Pac Div – Dont Mention It

J.Cole – “Who Dat” (Produced By Elite)
The Good: J.Cole has been smashing 2010 thus far and he’s finally got a lead single for his still, unnamed debut album. After debuting this track at his star-making S.O.B.’s performance in NYC, we’ve now got the official tissue.
The Gem: “The mind state of a winner/ when you thinking about summertime I’m thinking ‘bout the winter/ when you thinking about breakfast, I’m thinking about dinner/ I was plotting this moment back when you were riding spinners, damn I’m a menace/God as my witness, with this pen I’m insane, yup.

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