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by Rev Run

Legend has it, Russell was high, he kept saying over and over, “Myyyy Aaaadidas”. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think that’s what came into my mind. We took that and made it into a record, I don’t remember, but that would be the legend. He was high and kept saying that about one thousand times on Hollis Avenue. In my crazy little mind, that thought he knew everything as a kid, I knew it was a dope record. I thought that was dope, I thought “Peter Piper” was dope; I thought “Raising Hell” was dope, I thought “Hit It Run” was dope. I thought I had the dopest album in the world. “My Adidas” was one of the dope ones out of seven that was dope off of Raising Hell.


Performing At Madison Square Garden Getting The Crowd To Hold Up Their Adidas

I was a wild card man, that’s what I do, I was Run. I was very, very confident man. I had the power behind me; it was just…extra cool. Since I was extra cool, I’d say whatever came to my mind, it wasn’t like I did it before. I didn’t do a lot of things on stage before. That night, I felt like saying that. I didn’t do it the night before in Philly or whatever; it wasn’t part of the show. Imagine Patti LaBelle is doing a show and in the middle of the show she decides she wants to spit something that the girl in the front row, “You better go on chiiiild, come on girl.” You don’t have to script words when a record, “Uggggrah! How yall feel out there? What’s happenin’?” Like Jay-Z did at that [New York] concert he did for the 9/11 families, “I see you, I seen you yesterday, you don’t think I see you though.” Remember when he said that? I loved that! I’ll never forget it, that was so beautiful. He said, “I see you and I saw you on line yesterday but you didn’t know I seen you. And you way up there in the back with the yellow shirt.” You think he could have did that in Philly if there wasn’t a dude with a yellow shirt way in the 50th row? No. That whole speak was probably just for New York and if he did a show the next day in Arizona he couldn’t have said the same thing, cus he couldn’t have seen that same person at the in-store in Arizona. I probably felt that night that I saw a dude with Adidas and after the record stopped and said, “Put it up in the air, money! Matter of fact everybody put it up in the air!” Just like you saw with Jigga Man.


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