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Angela Simmons and Rob Kardashian partied at Wonderland w/ friends. Rumors have been floating around that Angela and Rob are shopping a reality show on E! but the good folks at Gossip Cop are once again blaming Media Take Out for the lies. It has been a slow news week. Gossipcop writes:

The rumor mongers over at have another doozy, fresh off of yesterday’s “exclusive”-ly WRONG announcement that Beyonce is pregnant, which Gossip Cop was first to bust.

Now the site’s “sources” claim Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons are getting a reality show.

Gossip cop goes on to reveal their sources say: Well, MTO’s story is 100 percent false.

A source close to the Kardashians told Gossip Cop the show rumors are “not true.” As to whether Kardashian and Simmons are dating, we’re informed that they’re “just friends.”