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Concert goers are always rowdy. Blame it on the alcohol consumed while waiting for their favoirte acts to hit the stage or just their general excitement to see their favorite acts hit the stage. But for the most part artists are usually well reserved and trying to get through their show. And then there’s Kid Cudi.

Kid Cudi and his concert rage is a curious case considering that most would not peg him as the fighting type. He has an almost clean cut image, seems very personable off the microphone, seems cheery when acting in ‘How To Make It In America‘ and is always smiling for the cameras at award shows and events. Actually, through his somewhat emo-rap most would consider him more the type to be beat up, not the bully. But apparently Kid Cudi proves that he is one rapper that you just do not want to mess with, on or off stage. Just yesterday, Kid Cudi spazzed out (yet again) on another fan during one of his concerts. This is now the 2nd time Kid Cudi has attacked a fan (that’s been recorded at least). I’m thinking the Kid just may need to attend some anger management classes.

In June of this year, Kid Cudi was arrested for throwing a drunken fit of rage in a young woman’s apartment where he yanked the door of its hinges and smahsed her cell phone against a wall. During last year’s NBA All Star Game, Kid Cudi was tasered and arrested after getting into a fight for wearing Nike to the Reebok party he was scheduled to perform at and refusing to change shoes.