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Check out what 37-year-old Steven Rossi looked like after his arrest on April Fool’s day.

What Rossi and his attorney say happened was no April Fool’s joke.

‘Mr. Rossi was beat so bad he did not go to jail, he went to the hospital,’ Rossi’s attorney Gary Polland said.

Houston police confirm three officers who arrested Rossi are now under an internal affairs probe, but remain on duty.

‘I wouldn’t want this to happen to anybody else,’ Rossi said. ‘I couldn’t wish this on anybody what I’ve had to go through.’

Rossi, whose eye socket was broken has gone through one surgery and is preparing for another.

What happened on that fateful day last April depends on who you ask. Obviously Rossi’s version is much different than the one detailed in the police report.


‘He had a traffic offense and I don’t think anyone disagrees with that,’ Polland said.

Instead of pulling over, Rossi said he decided to drive home. The distance was only a few blocks according to Rossi, but police said they chased Rossi for several miles.

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