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Already in the limelight because she is so unique, Willow Smith is well on her way to becoming a mogul for our generation and many to come. She has impeccable style for her age and a daring hair cut that we’ve all grown to love, and to add to the that she turning up the heat with her new song “ whip my hair”.  It’s official, she had joined Roc Nation which is a big plus if you love her new song. Already she has a growing fan base and is becoming a news sensation, and with all the spotlight she has never once gave us any reason to worry that just maybe she’ll turn down the wrong path. I certainly think her future is very bright, she gives young girls a sense of hope that they can break out of there shell and rock that amazing hair style, and not have to worry about what haters think. So hold on world Willow is coming and she changing up the game one day at a time.

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