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Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, has made accusations that the 9/11 attacks at Ground Zero is an inside attack.  In light of the mosque construction proposal arose the political chatter has been simmering.  

Faiz Khan, Rauf’s partner in the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims has preached at the proposed location of the mosque twice already.  

The Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth (MUJCA)’s website insists “the inescapable fact is that 9/11 was an inside job” while many think that the attacks were initiated by members of the ‘militant Islam”.  Imam Rauf is supporting the building of the Ground Zero mosque with $100 million from the Cordoba Iniatiative.  


The religious and political tensions surrounding the Ground Zero mosque is continuing to sling accusations between both ends of the arguments and a peaceful resolution.  Both sides are threatened by the other with illusions of violence and extremism.

During a 2006 Chicago Summit Kahn announced, ‘ that ‘the most logical explanation’ for 9/11 is that the hijackers were working for corporate America and that the heroin trade creates ‘billions of dollars’ that are laundered by ‘Citicorp and Procter & Gamble.’ 

None of the accusations have been verified but it is certain that there will be continued loaded epithets to be slung over the Ground Zero debate until a peaceful resolution is made.