The Daily Grind Video

Here is a sneak preview of the latest timepiece from Ulysse Nardin with a sleek chrome exterior with finely tuned and stylish fix-ins. 

With one full rotation, the watch is wound up to tick for 12 hours and to adjust the time, one no longer has to deal with a pesty crown, the removable top jezebel allows for manual clockwise or counter clockwise adjustment.


Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has been on the forefront of horology in terms of experimenting with materials, style and cutting edge technology and the Freak Diavolo lives up to the hyped up predecessors like the Freak Diamond Heart and the Freak Blue Phantom. 

The Freak family, with its tourbillon carousel, photolithography applications, and built with silicium and nickel, is being catapulted to the haute watch royalty as an integral timepiece collector’s item.