Never judge a book by its cover

It is mind boggling how much value people hold in exterior appearance! I believe that society is so media driven that we have overlooked the fact that these perfect mirages do not exist. YOUNG GIRLS AND BOYS do not be fooled! It IS smoke… it IS mirrors…  Films and music videos are re-touched! Keep your spiritual minds about you and don’t get caught up in earthly pleasures.


I hope that people, especially women, can overcome these stereotypes that have driven so many people to a harmful lifestyle and a vein outlook. There is so much more to offer than a ‘look,’ which by the way, is a blessing not a talent. Please focus on your inner beauty because your ‘hotness’ may get you in the door, but it is up to you and only you to back yourself up with wisdom and personal knowledge.


I write this message to anyone who is not accepted, who is different, or who doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Who we all are in our most natural states is the true definition of beauty. There is no such thing as fitting in. Believe me! I spent too much time in my formative years trying too hard. Take my advice and be who you already are, keep an open mind to other people and to yourself, and remember that this little thing called ‘beauty’ is only skin deep…

Shannon Kane


Photos By Richard Radstone

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