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Watching a documentary on the legendary rock band “The Doors”, you gotta give it to the lead singer, Jim Morrison; he was a self destructive, crazy, wacked out, psychedelic muthafucka. Morrison lived, sex, drugs and rock n roll; long gone, Morrison is remembered today for his genius and incredible stage performances. What is it about being a musician that most of them live by this creed?  Weed, LCD, cocaine, heroin all seemed like the breakfast of champions for these artists back in the day. Most of it can be attributed to the time they were living in, the dynamic and scope of the country at the time. The war in Vietnam, the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, riots in cities across America, college campus protests and riots around the country and racial tensions all contributed to the music of the time.

 It seems like this is a generational thing because artists today continue to live with a sense of recklessness. When he was free, Lil Wayne walked around with a Styraphone cup filled with only God knows what; Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bird. These are a few artists through the course of musical history that are the most wacked out, psychedelic artist of all-time. Artists that were fueled with a different concoction of whatever they were drinking, snorting or injecting during or after a performance. Artist that at one point or another was totally wacked out of their minds.




Whacked Out Act: Accused of exposing himself on stage and getting locked up for it. Not to mention the dude was stoned out of his mind on almost every occasion.



Whacked Out Act: Sid couldn’t remember if he did or didn’t kill his girlfriend. Also he would cut and slash himself on stage.


Ozzy Osbourne

Whacked Out Act: The lead singer of Black Sabbath bit the head off a live bat. Also he was so high one night he almost killed his wife, Sharon Osbourne.



Russell Jones aka O.D.B.

Whacked Out Act: Dude ran on stage during the Grammy’s and the rest was history. Take a look.

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