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It’s been 4 ½ years since the levees collapsed leaving a great city in ruins, but to look at the people of New Orleans today you would never think their city was once under water. A big reason for that is the New Orleans Saints road to the super bowl, the Saints will be playing in the biggest game in the city’s history, being watched worldwide on the biggest stage any player or coach can even imagine. This year’s super bowl has rejuvenated a city destroyed and reenergized the people of a city once lost. The coaches, players, and fans waited close to 5 years for this; every player is not thanking themselves or their teammates, or their coaches but the city of New Orleans. Other than New York City and the New York Yankees during 9/11, I’ve never seen a team bring together a city quite like this; with all that said it is sad that we are revisiting New Orleans because of a super bowl berth rather than the obvious. Because the fact of the matter is thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors along with residents of the 9th ward are still facing hardships, displaced, and living in trailers, to date, according to, 240,000 homes were severely damaged, 800,000 citizens were forced to leave their homes, and at least 45,000 families are still living in FEMA provided trailers. It’s great that the Saints are in the super bowl, but for those who still feel the distress of Katrina it really doesn’t matter. One of those who still feels the sting of Katrina is rap artist Lil Wayne, a native of New Orleans who during the hurricane did all he could to no avail. So recently at the ‘We are the world’ Haiti press conference Wayne put Haiti and New Orleans in perspective. Check out what he had to say.

So on super Sunday I will be rooting for Saints and the people of New Orleans, I want to see them win not just a football game, but win back everything they lost 4 ½ years ago. I hope the Saints do win so at least we can take this opportunity to revisit New Orleans.

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