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Are your skills up to par when you go out for sushi? Can you really throw back saki and snatch that sashimi like a ninja in a Bruce Lee flick?

Don’t wimp out and ask for a fork, get your swag on point! You may never learn to use nun chucks, but at least you can be one with chop sticks. NOTE: The kid’s chopsticks with the spring action are NOT a good look at Nobu.

Chopsticks are more to Asian culture than simple dining instruments. They are objects of speculation and legend with 4,000 years of history.

According to a well-known overseas Chinese scientist, Li Zhengdao, ‘Chopsticks are an ingenious invention and it is in fact the extension of man’s fingers.’

Some research has concluded that more than 30 joints and 50 muscles as well as related nerves are involved in the use of chopsticks – their use helps to exercise the nervous system and increases mental acumen.
Once you get used to using chopsticks, you’ll find their use simple and natural, although they do require more nimbleness and precision than eating with a fork and knife.

But there are distinct benefits to having to work a bit harder to obtain your food. For one thing, it forces you to eat smaller portions. Its slower tempo can also give our digestive system more of a chance to do its job without being rushed.

When you eat slower, food has time to hit your stomach. You’ll find that you eat less and consume fewer calories when using chopsticks.

How to use Chopsticks: 

1. First, you want to rest the first chopstick (thicker end) at the base of your thumb. The thin end should rest on the lower side of your middle fingertip. Bring your thumb forward so that it traps the stick firmly in place. About two and a half inches of chopstick should be extending beyond your fingertip. 

2. Next, position the other chopstick so that you’re holding it against the side of your index finger with the end of your thumb. In order to line them up just tap the ends of both sticks on the plate, while holding them lightly allowing them to slide so that the ends line up. The top chopstick will be used to pivot on your index finger slightly above the second knuckle.


3.Finally, the bottom chopstick stays stationary. The tip of the top chopstick should be moving towards the tip of the bottom chopstick. Hold the tips together firmly enough to grab a piece of food and lift it off the plate and enjoy! 

4.Tip – As a respectful gesture to the Asian culture, point your chopsticks to the left when they are not in use.

Chopsticks can be a welcome addition to your weight loss goals as well. Why not try eating all of your meals like you would at a top Chinese restaurant for a week? Small plates of food. Dipping sauce on the side so that you don’t drench your meal with condiments.

Use chopsticks to aid in eating slower and in small portions. Watch how much more conscious you are while eating!  A great friend of mine eats most of her meals with chopsticks. Many of her friends think its crazy. #RealityCheck.

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