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Young people came out in record numbers to vote for Barack Obama. Imagine if we did the same thing during the midterm election. How different would this country look if we were to put forth that same effort for those candidates that represent our communities and districts? It’s important as young people that we know whose running, where they’re running and who they’re running against. For the next coming weeks Global Grind Politics will show you WHO’S ON DECK in November, why you should support them and how you can make real change in your community by voting.

Artur Davis, 42, is vying to become the first African-American governor in the Deep South since Reconstruction. Davis has won a variety of honors, including being selected by Esquire Magazine as one of the 10 best Congressmen in America.

Davis received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School. He served as a civil rights lawyer and as an assistant United States attorney before transitioning into politics in 2003. He is currently in his 4th consecuritve term in the House.


So why are we putting our support behind him? First, Artur Davis is one of five House Democrats introducing legislation today that would hold oil companies financially accountable for damages due to oil spills. Davis has been a persuasive voice in the expansion of healthcare, the improvement of educational performance in Alabama.

He also focuses on the importance human infrastructure: creating, subsidizing, and providing training for jobs in childcare, early education, healthcare, eldercare to stimulate the economy, help families, reduce poverty and violence and save billions in crime and prisons to develop the human condition instead of just fixing roadways.

Watch Artur Davis talk about his background, why he’s running for Governor, and his vision for the future of Alabama:

Davis is the man for Alabama. To learn more about Davis, check him out here

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