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Today I wanted to share with you all, what I believe is one of the keys to a successful yet balanced career… GIVING BACK!

Between playing basketball for the WNBA, running a successful lifestyle and image consulting firm and fulfilling scheduled appearances and other demands, my life can sometimes become a bit hectic; not to mention the physical and emotional demands of the game and the challenges behind building any business. However, over the years I’ve come to find that all these accomplishments aren’t worth much if they can’t be put to use for the betterment, encouragement and/or advancement of someone other than ourselves.

Growing up I was blessed to have an incredible support system in my family, specifically, my mother and brother. I learned the significance of education and giving back into the lives of others, as both my brother and mother gave devotedly of themselves to help me become the athlete and woman I am today. My brother did so by taking on the responsibility of strengthening me as a young athlete and helping me perfect my game and my mother’s part was one of support and inspiration throughout. She led by example and inspired me to always support others, as my personal success was a direct result of a community of people and specific individuals supporting me.

With this said, I recognize that sowing my time and/or celebrity through various efforts and organizations has been key to helping me remain grounded and balanced.


I recently partnered with large urban retailer Jimmy Jazz and NY’s local non-profit Entertainers 4 Education Alliance to educate local students on the opportunities available to them after graduation and why graduating from high school is so important. The experience alone was amazing and the number of students that will be encouraged and mentored through this organization and its programs, far surpasses me and the time or energy I invested in this project.

Wherever you are in life, there is always something you can do for someone else. Whether it’s volunteering right in your neighborhood, or helping with your neighbor’s kids, find a way to sow into someone’s life or situation and watch amazing things take place in your life!



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