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If any of you have been in a strip club or ever encountered a stripper you will know that they are magical. LOL They do all kinds of tricks that could give an Olympic gymnast a run for their money. 

Lately strippers have been in the news getting a bad wrap and causing some trouble for celebs and the average man. I did some researched and found the craziest stripper stories in the news, some funny and some not so funny, but all of them are definitely intriguing!



A man in Florida recieves $650 thousand dollars after he was poked in the eye with a stripper shoe! OMG! Apparently, they man was being a little too touchy feely when he slapped a stripper on the butt at the Cheetah Club in West Palm Beach. In retaliation and almost a normal reaction for any lady, she kicked the man but accidently poked him in the eye causing severe damage. OUCH! Poor guy! But he’ll think twice next time before he unlawfully touches a stripper! lol



Vince Shlomi aka. the Shamwow guy got arrested when he got in a fight with a stripper name Sasha Harris! LOL Vince is the spokeperson for the super absorbent multi-purpose cloth called the Shamwow. He invited the stripper back to his hotel room and I guess things didn’t go as planned. Apparently, the Shamwow guy was making out with the strip when she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go! LOL WHOOOOAA! The story doesn’t end there the two sex seeking individuals got into an all out knock out fight! SMH It was actually pretty serious. Im just glad no one got killed. 

Check out their mug shots and peep how they still have their hospital gowns on! lol smh


What would a crazy stripper story be with a politician or a state official involved? South Carolina assistant attorney general Roland Corning was fired from his job after being caught with a stripper on his lunck break.

The funny thing about this story is that Roland Corning was caught in his SUV during his lunch break with a 18 year-old stripper and an arsenal of sex toys, but to top it off they were getting busy in a cemetery! LMFAO With all the places in the world, this man chose a cemetery?! Pure comedy!



We can’t forget about our male strippers! The world wouldn’t be a sexy place if male strippers didn’t coincide with female strippers. Male strippers bring women out from all places near and far, and also make them to go coo-coo for male attention! A group of women fron Vancouver got in a huge brawl over a male stripper.

The story goes a little something like this, according to the Vancouver Sun a few women were standing up in front a male stripper who was dressed as a cop when another woman behind them asked them to sit down. That didn’t sit well with the men crazy wome