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HRP-4C also known as divabot is a singing and performing robot that is ready to rival amateur pop stars.  

On top of being able to coordinate dance moves with her backdancers, she has a respectable and human-adjacent voice.  

Although HRP-4C Divabot’s legs are obviously robotic in aesthetics her movements and the rest of the body represent fine mimicry.  While performing a catchy Japanese pop song divabot is a pro with the hand gestures.

Developed by the Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, divabot is equipped with a software that allows her to mimic human singer’s head movements and facial features.


Another software called Vocaloid by Yamaha synthesizes notes as her voice simultaneously.  We are curious to see where this development takes us in the entertainment industry.  

If we reach a point where we can outsource the labor of “entertainment” to robots which is a stressful job as many celebrities would agree, we may encounter some huge change in the future.

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