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For the first time in its 64-year history, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned a new line of shoes based on the league’s rule against an “unfair competitive advantage” that increases a player’s vertical leap. The league’s ban on Athletic Propulsion Labs’ Concept 1 confirms the company’s claims that the shoe, with its Load ‘N Launch™ Technology

We recently had a chance to work with APL sneakers to try them out and … well you will have to wait and see our findings. The whole situation is pretty ironic that this action comes on the 25th anniversary of the NBA’s ban on Nike’s Air Jordan shoes, reason being of their colorful appearance rather than any performance advantage.

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Athletic Propulsion Lab Officially Gets Banned by NBA – 10-19-2010

“Our proprietary Load ‘N Launch Technology has managed to accomplish something never before achieved in the athletic footwear industry: a product that makes you jump higher instantly,” said APL co-founder Ryan Goldston. “The Load ‘N Launch device is implanted in a cavity in the forefoot of the shoe and serves as a ‘launch pad’ by taking the energy exerted by the player and increasing lift with the aid of an intricate, spring-based propulsion system.”

“We were not exactly shocked to hear the NBA chose to ban our shoes,” said APL co-founder Adam Goldston. “The Load ‘N Launch Technology not only provides an instant and dramatic increase in vertical leap, but the biomechanical testing showed that the players exerted far less energy as a result.”