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The crazy never ends in New York city especially at Yankee Stadium, at last night’s playoff game a crazed fan ran onto the field and tried to confront Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez. 

The unhinged fan had a crush on Cameron Diaz ran onto the Yankee Stadium field, Grim LeRogue, 33, was tackled by Stadium security as he attempted to rush the third baseman in the top of the fifth inning in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series, cops said.

Tucked in LeRogue’s pocket, police found a picture of Alex Rodriguez with his face crossed out and a drawing of a small gun pointed at his head, a source said. Etched on the photo were the words, ‘You gotta go, buddy.’


‘He was absolutely out of his f—–g mind,’ said the source, adding that LeRogue was rambling the entire time he was in custody.

The crazed Bronx man, who did not have a weapon, also told police that he wanted to kill Bobby Brown, because Osama Bin Laden has a crush on the Grammy winner’s wife, Whitney Houston, the source said. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx for psychiatric evaluation and was still being held.


 on April 30 during a quarterfinal match with Magdalena Maleeva in Hamburg in which Seles was leading 6–4, 4–3, Günter Parche, an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf, ran from the middle of the crowd to the edge of the court during a break between games and stabbed Seles with a boning knife between her shoulder blades, to a depth of 1.5 cm (0.59 inches).


Although he last attended an NBA game in April, 1998, he is known among sports fans for his passionate support of the NBA’s Washington Bullets. For many years, he heckled the opposing team at the games.

Ficker had seats at USAir Arena close to the visiting bench. When the team moved to the MCI Center, they took the opportunity to reseat Ficker well away from the court. Ficker gave up his seats in response.


A Raiders fan stabs a Chargers fan at the football game. The stabber is now in prison for 5 years.


John Hinckley, Jr. became obsessed with Foster after watching Taxi Driver a number of times, and stalked her while she attended Yale, sending her love letters to her campus mail box and even talking to her on the phone.

On March 30, 1981, he attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan (shooting and wounding Reagan and three others) and claimed his motive was to impress F