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This Hip Hop Roundup will discuss notable releases for the past two weeks that have had the Internet buzzing, people talking and our speakers blasting. 

As we dig through all the weeks releases, here’s our roundup that had our heads bobbing and giving two thumbs up like Ebert and Roeper.


T.I   “I’m Back”

As we grieved Weezy’s departure, it wasn’t long before the King of the South celebrated his return.  T.I hit the scene with his comeback single “I’m Back”. Everything about this song is appropriate, his energy and rawness is exactly what we needed to hear. The song is definitely not a chart topper but despite mainstream approval, I’m sure every hood can agree that it is something that the streets have been waiting for. But is it enough to get T.I back on top?  I’m not too sure and at this point I’m sure that’s the least of his worries. Listening to this track you can tell his main focus is letting the people know that he’s back and happy to be in front of a mic.

There is no doubt T.I would regain his position in the rap game. It all just depends on when. Maybe a couple more joints like this, songs for the club (and some Tiny and Toya episodes … just joking)

Nonetheless were happy to hear some new T.I blasting through the speakers.

Notable line: N-gga probably just seen Wayne, Gucci Mane, Me and Boosie all go to prison ?and they flip their whole image.

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