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So America’s number #1 paper chaser, Bill Gates, just got bumped off The Forbes World’s Billionaires list. As is turns out he didn’t make as much paper as he thought he did. His boy, Warren Buffet, also got knocked down a couple spots. So who took the top spot? Well luckily we have the top ten billi billionaires in the world. Now these dudes are the wealthiest on the planet, not rich, but wealthy, most don’t know the difference, like my man Chris Rock said ‘Hell Rick James was rich’. So  what we talking about? We talking about wealth. These fat cats ain’t your average rich people, they have amassed fortunes. So check out the top ten billionaires in the world.

10. Karl Albercht

Self made billionaire from Germany, Albercht has a fortune of about $23.5 billion. Owns discount supermarket Aldi Sud which is the number one chain across Europe and has plans on openeing his first store in NYC. Grocery money is a good look.


9. Amancio Ortega

Self made billionaire from Spain with a fortune worth about $23.0 billion. Ortega seems to have his hands on everything from fashion firms, apartment complexes in Miami, office towers, gas, tourism and banks. The dude is an all around hustler, got to respect his grind.


8. Eike Batista

Another self made man, Batista has an estimated worth of $27.0 billion. Batista made his fortune from mining and oil. The 53 year old Brazilian vowed he will be number one some day. He may be ther sonner than later making an astounding $19.5 Billion last year. Dude got $27 Billion and still wants more. The ultimate grinder.


7. Bernard Arnault

This 61 year old Frenchmen inherited his fortune, worth about $27.5 billion. Arnault owns luxury goods outfit LVMH-maker of Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon. Say no more, Louis V and Moet. This cat got serious paper and it’s only growing.


6. Lawrence Ellison

A self made billionaire with an estimated worth of about $28 billion. Ever heard of Oracle? well here is the founder of the database giant. Kanye might like this dude, he was a college drop out and went public with his company in 1986 a day after microsoft. So even back then the dude was around money.


5. Lakshmi Mittal

A steel tycoon from India who inherited his money, now at an estimated $28.7 billion. The world’s largest steelmaker who owns steel mills all over Europe and is currenlty building London’s Olympic Park in time for 2012 Olympics.


4. Mukesh Ambani

Another oil and gas tycoon who inherited his money, now at an estimated worth of about $29.0 billion. The 52 year old Indian owns Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company. Got to get in the oil business.


3. Warren Buffett

Self made billionaire worth about $47 billion. The 79 year old investor has been getting pa