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“Is there any boys around; that know how to make a girl feel?” – TEAIRRA MARI

I was once advised by my father “You can’t fall in love with someone until you fall Out of love with yourself” is this statement true, does it even make sense, is there a woman with this mentality “walking around”…..does this feeling of self identification even exist among women nowadays?? These are all questions that encumber my young mind on a daily basis. My close girlfriends and I attempt to provide accurate responses for these questions every day, in addition to “analyzing” each and every word that comes out of the opposite sex’s mouth! I am mentally “exhausted” with my thoughts of guys at the young age of 24; in addition to being scared to go out on a date in “HOT MIAMI” in fear that my date will magically start “free styling” at the dinner table or somehow, openly express his “dreams” of becoming a “RAPPER/CEO of a record label/producer/engineer/model/Club Promoter/” while in the car on the way home, as I will leave some minor details out, you get my drift! How convenient…I think to myself; as this has happen on numerous occasions…. convenient being that all of the sudden you have a passion for “being a rapper” even though I conveniently met you at your job, inside the “MALL”…now don’t get me wrong…I am all for a young guy having “ambitions and dreams” that’s what it’s all about in life; however do not “bestow” them on me on our very first date. I just find that “witlessly odd” that I end up with all the “Freestyle Friday”  rejects  when I attempt to go on a date and my career happens to be in the entertainment industry? I could relish on and on with this particular topic.. From demo tapes to asking for one of my clients to autograph their cell phones…and one of my favorites do you think you could introduce me to Trina (rapper)????  Makes me go hmmmm, time after time……. and return home only to play on repeat; classic Hip- Hop track by Teairra Mari: ‘Make A Girl Feel’ and hope for something better next go roundJ

Case and point women young and old; far and near devote to much time and energy to picking up the lost pieces, analyzing “Text messages” stalking social networking sites, (MySpace, face book, twitter) all on the prowl to finding or maintaining that (special one)  this ongoing cycle is immeasurable as well as never ending, if you are a career driven women with your own… and can’t seem to find that “Right Guy” then where are we left to point the finger of blame?

Krystle Coleman
The Publicist, The Writer, The Women