The Daily Grind Video

Swizz Beatz sits down with Dj Enuff in the studio. It starts off talking about how old producers need to adapt to the new wave of music and quickly turns into the many reasons why Mashonda and him didnt work out. He sumbliminaly claims his new love Alicia Keys had nothing to do with the divorce at all. Swizz sounds really betrayed, claiming that his ‘almost’ ex-wife was giving false statements of ‘foolery’- basically black mailing him. Even making him pick between his eldest son or their marriage. Well we know which one meant more huh? Sounds like a harsh celebrity divorce to me, but his words of wisdom were actually wise not bitter. ‘Gotta have people around you in your realm- they have to be your equal’. Its good to know that the divorce doesnt have him sleeping with a broken heart. Guess we can thank Ms.Keys for that.

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