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What inspires me ? When this question comes to mind for me only one thing crosses my mind. And to me thats my family. Without my family there would be no me. Through out all these years my family are the ones who have kept me grounded and strong and wacthing them inspires me. Their strength and determination keeps me motivated. Being that i come from a family that have so many talented people in it. i look up to them all the time. My father inspires me alot. i have a really close bond with my dad. He is my hero. i wacth everything he does and listen to whateva he says. I see how he runs things and it makes me want to be just like him. Another famly member is my uncle he is such a great man and powerful and smart. He actually recently really inspired me to start practicing yoga which is beginning to really change my life. When i see how my family is it keeps me strong and just makes me wanna follow in their footsteps. What alot of people dont know is that i actually have four parents and 7 siblings who are wonderful and play a major part in my life they are there for me everystep of the way. i couldn’t be more thankful to have four amazing parents. i have a mom a dad a step dad and a step mom. Everyone is equal. i feel like they are all my blood parents. they treat me wonderful. My mom is a huge inspiration she really has taught me alot throughout my years of living and my step mom is just as wonderful she is just lke my mom to me.  The last thing ill leave you  is an inspirational quote my dad has taught me. which is ‘ do your best and forget the rest’. its so simple but yet true. 


Now that i have told you guys what inspires me id love to hear what is your inspiration. comment below with what inspires you and ill get to pick a winner to win a simmons jewelery green bracelet. Cant wait to read them ๐Ÿ™‚

thanks again


angela ๐Ÿ™‚