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On Friday, November 6th, Helena Hordova, Super Model and Founder of Sunflower Children held her third annual Charity Gala at the Hammerstein Ballroom, that she co hosted with Russell Simmons. Now when you think of charity galas, one might envision a pretty stuffy and boring environment where the rich and famous flock in an attempt to give back. But this gala was undeniably one for the record books. It was hands down the most inspiring, eventful, yet genuine attempt to shed hope and raise funds for children in places like Africa, India, and Cambodia.


Whoever said ‘Super Models’ don’t have brains must have never met Helena Hordova. The brilliance that was used in planning and hosting the gala was unimaginable. To entertain the guest she offered a fashion show, boxing matches and poker games. Quincy Jones was the nights’ honoree. His undeniable sincerity in giving and selflessness influenced the crowd and left a long lasting impact on the importance of giving.

“The real use for celebrity is to benefit others, and it was just a huge honor to join Helena Hordova and pay homage to Quincy Jones who is such an amazing humanitarian” said co-host Russell Simmons.

 Sunflower believes that education is the key to a better life for disadvantaged children. Accordingly, Sunflower focuses on providing vital support – including healthcare, nutritional and other basic needs – that enable children in Sunflower Project communities to pursue educational growth.

 Now the fashion show was the highlight for me, the dresses were amazing and Helena even took to the runway herself and looked utterly flawless in a all white frock. Also check some candid pics from inside the Gala…