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My brother Danny Simmons is the cultural king of Brooklyn, an artist/activitist/cultural czar and friend to more people than anyone I have ever met. He’s also presently a patient at St. Vincent’s hospital, recovering from an unexpectedly serious illness that has included several operations.

To steal a metaphor from his painting, “Things Have Changed”, things have indeed changed. Danny has been hard at work preparing for a major retrospective of his paintings at Spanierman Gallery in East Hampton for the better part of a year. I am sure he planned to be in the studio making more work, in between quick runs out to the Gallery for the opening parties and sharing with his many friends who have traveled in from all over creation to see this greatly anticipated show of his work. Instead, he’s been holding court at St. Vincent’s while word travels back to him of the reviews and reactions to this great achievement in his career as a painter.  See what the New York Times had to say here.

It’s a gorgeous show and I am so proud of him. You have just a few days to see it. Road trip this weekend to East Hampton and check it out. Spanierman Gallery, here’s the details.

Danny has taken this unexpected change in plans with great strength and humor. He may seem to be chilling and healing in the hospital, the creative wheels in his head are still turning full force. I can’t wait to see what comes creatively for Danny in 2010. I am sure it will be interesting.  

Sending healing love to you from your entire Rush family, Danny!


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