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Hey Everyone!

I know what everyone is thinking….’OHHHHH HERE WE GOOOO AGAIN!’  Believe me…I know, cuz that’s exactly what I am thinking as well!  Why? Because right now I am so happy with my life!  I have a new TV Show in the works, am about to go on tour this month, a new book on the way, but most importantly, I have been spending most of my time donating money and working with my favorite charities!  So believe me when I say ‘OH GOD…DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS DRAMA AGAIN?’  because really, I don’t. I hate it. I sucks. It’s negative energy and I just want to move on from it and never look back…..*sigh*
HOWEVER, the main reason why I continue to fight for my justice is not only for myself, but for everyone else out there.  I didn’t get a fair play the first time around and this time, I will finally be able to let the world hear my voice, my side of the story, and my battle to get here today!  I am doing this to reinstate HOPE for everyone out there who feels like they got ‘SCREWED OVER’ by the legal system.  It’s quite ironic because I am not angry or vindictive at all.  I am actually very excited about this.  If I win or lose, it doesn’t really matter to me. The point is that I gave myself a second chance and proved to myself that I deserve that 2nd chance and I never gave up!  No matter how hard it was, I never gave up.
Sure, people criticize me, but really….I have move past that.  I just want this to all go away finally and move on with my life.  I just want the world to hear my side of the story and yes, I am suing Shawne Merriman for $1.5 million dollars.  If I win this case, I plan on giving away the $1.5 million dollars all to Charity!!!!!  No, this is not a publicity stunt.  I just believe that this is all BLOOD MONEY, and I don’t want to have blood money to spend and get more badluck.  So with that said, I can turn this blood money into GOOD MONEY by giving to charity. 
I know there are so many people out there that could really use this money and hey, if I have to take one for the team then I guess I’m that girl to do it.  Nobody should go through what I went through, but I’m trying to turn all of this around and make it a more positive experience.  I currently work with quite a few charities such as: Keep-A-Breast Foundation, a charity that helps people with Breast Cancer.  I also work with Drop-In-The-Bucket, where we go to Africa and help build water wells for villages who don’t have clean drinking water.  People in America take advantage of such little things like water, when there are people in other countries who DIE from not having any water to drink. So yes, I cannot wait for our next trip to Africa to build more water wells for the people.  Another Charity I work with is of course NOH8, which is a battle for the LGBT community!  GAYS & LESBIANS should have the same rights as everyone else! I also work relentlessly with PETA, as well as MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION!  It broke my heart when I found out that there is this little girl name ‘SARAH’ who is in her last stages of Cancer, and her dying wish was to meet ME!  When I found that out, It just made me cry!  There is so much love out there in this world and if I can do anything to help put a smile on someone’s face, that to me, is PRICELESS! I also work with Women’s Domestic Violence Support Centers, and many many more. I’m not here to brag, but I just wanted to let you guys know and get an idea on where this money will go!
Aside from all those charities, the MOST important one to me is of course, MY OWN CHARITY!  I am in the process of starting my own non-profit organization charity called ‘JAYDEN’S ANGELS’  This one is very emotional to me everytime I talk about it because it is