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When people think about our President, Barack Obama, they think about a black president. The think we forget about Obama is that he is also white too. I don’t look at Obama as our first black president. I look at him as our first multiracial president. I think Obama is the symbol for a truce between Black and White. The sad thing is even after the presidents’ victory, blacks and whites still can’t get along. A 15 year old male named Shane McClellan was left for dead for being white. Three black males attacked him. I think this is just sad, really sad. I remember when I was in school, this black female was complaining about how she hates white people. She didn’t even have a reason for hating them. I don’t understand racism at all. It’s just ridiculous to hear a black person saying they hate another race. After what us as blacks went through to get freedom. It’s just so despicable and a disgrace to every civil rights activist.

When Obama was running for president, I had a debate with some friends. Some were white and they were just ignorant. They said that if Obama won, he’d get shot for being black. I was so disgusted that I just stopped hanging out with them. Being black has nothing to do with anything. The same with basketball players and politicians. The stereotypes that black males become either rappers, drug dealers, or basketball players. People are surprised when they see an intelligent black man with a high paying job. I don’t think it’s surprising, it’s great to me. Some ignorant people may criticize that man. They don’t want to see a black man succeed in this tough world, it’s sad.

Barack Obama to me is the symbol for a truce between black people and white people. Not just those two races, but all races. I hope that the ignorance in both races will go away. We all need to stop the violence  because of race. At the end of the day, we are all the same race, the human race…