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On the last episode of ‘Banksy VS. The Academy Awards,’ we reported how the British artist has been making billboard and tags. Banksy is awaiting a decision on whether or not he would be allowed to accept his trophy on stage wearing a gorilla mask.

PHOTOS: Bansky Buffed By Hollywood

This week the Academy still says no. That hasn’t stopped the ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ producer and director from turning mundane properties around Los Angeles into gold.

Take Banky’s new piece about immigration. The work depicts a fleeing family in black on a yellow diamond with the father of the family holding a kite outside its borders.

Another piece of work, valued at six figures, shows text on a tanker that reads: ‘This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant.’

At this point, Banksy is his own mint because his currency is his art. 



Banksy in Hollywood


Previous Banksy in Hollywood pieces.


A painted elephant was the center of a Banksy show in California two years ago.


Banksy ‘Hollywood’ piece from two years ago.