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Linkin Park took the stage at the Best Buy Theater in New York City last night to a packed out crowd. Not only was this Linkin Park’s first live show together in almost two years, but this came on the day the band released their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns.

The crowd waited anxiously to be let into the theater and once in they wanted the music, packing in as close to the stage and any open space that would allow them a good view of the show. With doors opening at 8 PM, by 9:15 fans were ready for the band chanting a mix of, ‘Linkin Park,’ and, ‘We want Linkin Park.’

Linkin Park took the stage a little before 9:30 PM and the crowd was not disappointed. The band was all about the music last night, taking little time in-between songs to rest or say anything more than, ‘Thank you.’ The fans didn’t care though because last night was about getting to enjoy live music from one of the best rock, rapping and electronic bands out there.

Although the show came on the day of their album release, Linkin Park only played a handful of their new material off their latest album, A Thousand Suns, and mixed it up with their older material.


Ripping through their set list, Linkin Park started the show off with the intro song on A Thousand Suns, featuring front man Mike Shinoda and DJ Joseph Hahn before getting into the music. Starting off with ‘New Divide’ and going from their mixing up the set list with new and old music from ‘Minutes to Midnight‘ ‘Meteora‘ and ‘Hybrid Theory.’

Throughout the songs singers Chester Bennington brought his vocals and screams to the stage and Mike Shinoda gave the crowd singing and rapping, the usual for Linkin Park.

The first song played that featured Mike as the main vocals was ‘Wretches and Kings‘ off their new album, but played some older songs before that, ‘Faint,’ ‘No More Sorrow‘ and ‘Given Up.’


Half way through their set list, Linkin Park slowed down the music while Mike took the piano. Being that everyone in the crowd had been a Linkin Park fan for years, they knew what song was coming next, ‘Numb.’ The band kept it slow from another song, a new one, ‘Iridescent.’

Finishing out their set with a mix of two new songs, ‘Jornada del Muerto‘ and ‘Waiting For The End,’ and some older fan favorite, ‘In