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Maybe I Should Sleep My Way To The Top………??? “Its Not What You Know…it’s WHO you BLOW”

Have you ever contemplated about the saying “Fu*k “Her” way to the TOP”……I mean when you take time and REALLY think about it; what justifies or confirms as the TOP……furthermore…….. WHAT is the TOP?? What makes this statement “official” how MANY do you have to “sex” with to reach the top; who or what is guaranteeing the “promised” reward ….after you ARRIVE at the end of this deserted fantasy conquest that “selfishly” holds “meaningless incentives for SEX known to some as the TOP?

So after weeks, of toying with the thought of the ( TOP) I decided to develop a blog of this magnitude, to avoid further hullabaloo and controversy in this fanatical existence we call “the TOP”! After several brainstorming session with some of my rather “popular” blogger buddies and successful female friends….I’ve decided that a great percentage of people have a “mystified” perception and opinion of gradually “achieving” individual success and what to do, to reach your destination in a reasonable amount of time; to be viewed as successful within your craft, as a women. I wanted to BE THE VOICE (for women in my position) and a solid platform for others “PR GIRLS” within my generation that “may” be in my position and too afraid and reserved to speak on this subject matter

First let me start by saying this is not a “Call to Action” in support of acrimony or sheer bitterness, from a situation gone bad…..on my END, I am extremely appreciative of all the rappers and athletes that I have represented thus far within my career, and hope to continue such a immense, and unyielding clientele for years to come in the world public relations. HOWEVER I know “several” young and old “publicists” from afar and up close and personal of all races and walks of life…..nevertheless these women all handle “their” professionalism in diverse manners. Some with (Open Legs) some with (Open Minds) and some with Intellect, a educational background, credentials and a college degree to stack at the very top, of her overwhelming resume, all while obtaining a VERY strict client clause that states: ( I DO NOT FRATINIZTE WITH CLIENTS)


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