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<p>So it appears that Miss.Nicki Minaj is a little tight with MTV about a possible Ban of her new video &ldquo;Massive Attack&ldquo;. She went to the old trusty Twiiter, to express her thought.</p><p>How far would you go to stand up for your own creative expression? Is it ok to show drugs, violence &amp; nudity in MOVIES and NOT MUSIC videos? aren&rsquo;t they both creative interpretations? Is it ok for a slender model to wear a bikini but not ok for a curvy woman to wear a bikini on the same network? Wuts the more important question? *who makes the rules?* or *who follows them?*</p><p>So thrs sum1 sitting behind a desk that hand picks which woman&rsquo;s body is 2 sexy to be seen on the network? wuts more influential in 2010? cable tv or internet? more often do u find urself watching ur new favorite video on cable TV or the internet?</p><p>MTV has some s**t with them if they ban this video&hellip;Amber Rose &amp; Nicki Minaj are packing a lot of heat, so we are assuming that&rsquo;s a little too much for the network..</p><p>&nbsp;</p>