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This week’s episode of Jersey Shore wasn’t as funny as past episodes, but there was plenty of drama to go around. Angelina is officially gone and the house returns to normal…NOT!  From mending broken friendships to committing “robberies,” the Jersey Shore cast still keeps fans interested by their usual outrageous antics and party shenanigans. Check out what had us all say WTF?!

1. Snooki tries to save a lobster. I don’t know what had Snooki up in arms when Pauly and Mike brought home some living lobsters for dinner, but for some reason Snooki designated herself to be PETA spokesperson for the night with “captain save a lobster” as her title. Snooki tried to save one of the lobsters from its looming death, by putting it in a pot full of fresh water. What Snooki didn’t know (go figure) was that these sea creatures can only survive in salt water. So as “captain save a lobster” tries to save a lobster, she ends up killing it anyway. LOL



2. Mike commits a robbery. Now, now, now, everyone simmer down. Mike doesn’t actually commit a felony, but he definitely pulled a major DON’T in the friend code as he tries to steal Vinny’s beloved love interest Ramona (who played Vinny for a sucker on numerous occasions) at the club. As we all know, the Jersey Shore cast has their own dictionary and “robbery” is when someone steals someone else’s girl or guy. The whole night Mike was being a hater, wishing he was getting his groove back, but instead he sat pouting about his girl-less night at the club. What a hater. Come on Mike don’t be a blocker.


3. Mike forces Snooki to make out! Now if this isn’t the move of a real creep, I don’t know what is! As mentioned before, Mike was mad he wasn’t getting any play in the club so walks over to Snooki and tries to make out with her! WTF?! Then he tells her to STFU and to go where the sun doesn’t shine aka. HELL! Lol Who