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It’s @lala

This Sunday, October 10th, on La La’s Full Court Wedding, catch me and my brother @Ludacris having a deep talk about relationships on VH1 at 10:30pm Est.

We are going to discuss everything from learning how to compromise, respecting your partner, and managing expectations. Of course – females and males – have a different take on this… So, you must tune in – and share your thoughts!

Chris has been like a brother since I was a teen, and he has always given me great advice! I think every girl should have a male friend – big bro. who will look out for you.

I think having trustworthy male friends such as Ludacris and Tyrese, has helped me keep things in perspective in my life. But – in addition to having great family and friends that support you – the key to having a well rounded life is being confident!

When you believe in yourself – regardless of outside factors – you are guaranteed to win! Remember reputation is everything, so always treat everyone like a VIP, and most importantly always carry yourself with respect! People will treat you how you allow them too. 

Set your boundaries! See you on Sunday!


La La