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After years of speculations, Verizon users can rest easy now that it is CONFIRMED that the iPhone 4 is indeed going to be the newest addition to ‘The Network.’

Now questions start popping up in your minds after hearing such good news, like when?! The Verizon iPhone is set to be released this Spring 2011. Also another question may be, ‘What will it look it like?’ No one is entirely sure of its form factor, if it will look identical to the AT&T version.

Also there is uncertainty about how well this device will work in the Verizon network, since the network uses a different system called CDMA, as opposed to AT&T‘s GSM. The CDMA system uses data and voice very different.

This might be a problem because Verizon has never been a network that has been able to operate data during a phone call. 


Though many users have complaints about AT&T‘s dropped calls, the usability of the Verizon iPhone 4 might be limited.

Speaking of the iPhone, the case fiasco continues! Hopefully Verizon can produce a phone who does not have all these issues. Anyways, the cases were considered the quick bandaid to the signal problems due to the ‘Antennagate‘ issue.

Well these so-called bandaids actually have the potential to scratch up the iPhone 4. We do not want to speak for everyone, but we are pretty sure that no one wants a scratched touch screen.


To be specific, the users may notice when removing one of those ‘slider’ iPhone you might find some disturbingly unmistakable scratches. This is because these cases allow things to get stuck between the case and phone. These scratches can then turn into a phone with a shattered glass screen, not good! Another iPhone drama we have to deal with.