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‘I SPY SEXY’ is my monthly blog revealing the sexiest of anything & everything life has to offer. When I open my eyes I can’t help but see in sexy. It’s how my spirit embraces this wild & wonderful world we live in.

Don’t just be. Be Sexy. Check out ‘I SPY SEXY: The Top 5 Sexiest Things In Life.’ I’ll be revealing a sexy new list every month.



DOWNLOAD ‘Sexy’ by The Prototypes

Hearing ‘Sexy’ by a French Threesome kinda puts me in the mood for a sexy french threesome…

Crêpes. The Can-Can. Haute Couture.
Un. Deux. Ménage à Trois!
Bonjour land of the Louvre, home of the Eiffel Tower! Just wanted to give y’all a shout out for sharing all your sexy French stuff. I especially love your sexy French band The Prototypes. Merci beaucoup France…XOXO

A Parisian trio of oddly brilliant musicians, The Prototypes have mastered a strange yet perfectly balanced variety of 60’s-inspired hypnotic rhythms that flirt with a fusion of  upbeat electro-pop and sassy garage punk-rock. They pump out hot new tracks like the IHOP pumps out hot French Toast.


The group’s eclectic sound has been featured in popular TV ads over the last few years, but I was a stranger to their brand of ‘Sexy’ until the last few weeks. That’s when I began searching for the Sexiest Things In Life to share with you. All I did was google ‘sexy music’ and this hot lil ditty named ‘Sexy’ popped up for a rendez-vous. It was amour at first ‘Ooh-Ahh!’ (have you downloaded it yet?)

I hope right now you’ve got that hot lil ditty crankin’ and you are gettin’ your funky French-alicious vibe on with frisky musical mademoiselle Isabelle Le Doussal. She is…Strange. I Spy Sexy in Her…ooh là là!

‘Sexy’ by The Prototypes DOWNLOAD

SO Fun. SO French. SO Sexy it will stick to you like the Mona to the Lisa…speaking of sexy

Oui, the lyrics are mostly in French. No, I doubt you will mind when you hear how sexy French can sound.French is the Language of Love. The Language of Love is Sexy.

That’s what makes it so French.How refrenching…oui! oui!

‘Sexy’ by The Prototypes DOWNLOAD

‘Sexy’ by The Prototypes. Download it now. The four remaining Sexiest Things In Life This Month need you to be in a sexy mood for them. Trust me. We have a lot more to discuss about the French. Particularly my favorite French pastime.

Au revoir…see you on the next page…



The Prototypes on Myspace Music

iPod Shuffle Commercial featuring ‘Who’s Gonna Sing’
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