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I was proud to have avoided the Kat Stacks hoopla a few weeks back, but here were a few details I gleemed about her from conversations with others. Superhead 2.0, they were saying. A hip-hop groupie making women everywhere look bad. A girl who stripped, and used her money to buy butt implants.

There wasn’t anything more I needed to know. It was a story I was all too familiar with, and I easily passed Kat Stacks off as just the latest example of a woman who had no respect for herself or the rappers she outed by name.

Then, I saw the video today of a couple of goons smacking her in an Atlanta bar.

For those who haven’t seen it, watch at your own risk. It’s nothing pretty. As a matter of fact, it’s ugly, disgusting, heartless, and all the proof we need to show when it comes to who is a more decent person, Kat Stacks or the men she was calling out, Kat Stacks won.

On principle, I’m not into the business of saving women who don’t want to be saved, but also on principle, I’m not into the business of laying my hands on a woman for any reason outside of a life threatening one. Whatever reason a person wants to give for these guys going upside Kat Stacks face with an open hand smack so many times I lost count, that’s on their conscience. But I promise folks this: The reasons people will give, the devil’s advocates as they might refer to themselves, will make little to zero sense.

In the video, the men can be heard telling Kat to apologize to Fab (Fabolous was one of the rapper’s she called out), and apologize to Bow Wow (another rapper she called out). And this is where things get dicey.


As much as we all probably agree beating on a woman is wrong, this video (which we will not show on the site) shows for some men, there is a line to be drawn. What this video is saying is at some point, it is actually acceptable to go upside a woman’s head with an open hand, and that point is usually dictated by a woman like Kat Stacks.

To let people of the world who know about her tell it, Kat Stacks is every indecent thing we can call women all rolled into one. She’s not a woman who deserves to be treated with any sort of decency. Someone did need to smack her. Someone did need to teach her a lesson.

And if you are one of those people nodding your head in agreement to any of this, you should probably be smacked just like Kat Stacks.

I understand why men like Fabolous and Bow Wow would be upset by the things Kat Stacks said about them, but if the two had nothing to do with this vicious attack, they should get to their nearest Ustream, Twitter, or publicist and make a statement saying they do NOT condon the actions of these losers. That kind of move would be what the industry calls ‘business savvy’, but it’s also what many more would call compassionate.

Hip-hop does enough to hurt women without even laying a hand on them. And this is not me trying to be a holier-than-thou rap fan, as much as it is me speaking the truth. As a man who loves misogynistic rap, I will be the first to admit it is both highly entertaining and just as wrong. Still, I enjoy it, and I will continue to enjoy it so long as it’s some good music. The way I see it, just because I play video games where the object of the game is to kill as many people possible, doesn’t mean I condone killing, and I apply the same principle to misogynistic lyrics. Words like ‘bitch’ and ‘hoe’ are all good with a beat, in the context of entertainment, but they’re not very good in the context of a real life argument with a woman.The same goes for women getting smacked.

Even without being a rapper there have been women I have met or women I have dealt with who I have so badly wanted to smack. But never in my wildest dreams would I think of doing such a thing, and ma

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