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Am I the only one that has been waiting for the triumphant return of Chris Brown? Doubt it. But for all those who are in disbelief that this young man is not about to be on top again, here’s to say, this is your rude awaking. After numerous attempts, Breezy is back, in full force, and reclaiming his stance as the next King (okay, maybe Prince) of Pop. Need further proof? Here it is.


Chris seems to be having the Best Week Ever. His film ‘Takers’, is the number one movie in box offices across the country. His single ‘Deuces’ featuring Young Money rapper Tyga and Kevin McCall is the number one song in the country.  He was even rated 9 out of 10 Grinds on GG’s Twitter Grind Up. So what does that mean for Breezy? After numerous attempts at a ‘comeback’ (I don’t even know where he ever went) it is clear that Chris has finally sung his redemption song. Remind you, it was only a mere 3 months ago that GG blogger RachelSamara predicted this exact outcome in his career.

We’ve moved passed ‘the incident’, we’ve watched him commemorate one of the best performers in history with one of his best performances ever, and we’ve seen is popularity and trust with his fans be regained, surpassing most people’s expectations. When people said his career was over, and he came back with not only a willing to prove not only is utmost sorrow for his wrongdoings, but a fighting spirit to prove that he can do right by those who were riding with him all along. And he surely has.


We’ve said it before, but Global Grind is #TeamBreezy all the way. We want to congratulate Chris is his success thus far and we only hope for bigger and better things for him in the future.

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