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There’s something about Pitbull. The Miami MC of Cuban descent is a transcedent force in music; a rapper who crosses over without ever sounding like he’s crossing over. His method is the blueprint by which Flo-Rida follows and the latest example of this is Pitbull’s new single, ‘Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)’.

‘Hey Baby’ (art work displayed above) is like every other Pitbull record built for the clubs. It’s audio Monster energy drink mixed with vodka. This doesn’t sound like hip-hop so much as it sounds like pulse-pounding modern day house music with a formidable rapper rapping over the beat. The song’s only weak spot is it’s under utilization of T-Pain who is on the hook. He should have at least gotten a bridge or a chance to stretch. It’s been far too long since we’ve heard T-Pain do his thing.

Pitbull’s ‘Hey Baby’ will be serviced to radio next week, according to, and will be on Pitbull’s new album, PlanetPit.




Pitbull-hey baby (drop it to the floor) (feat. t-pain)