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‘The Prince of VA’ is about to takeover the game with the release of his new album Passion,Pain,&Pleasure which will be released September 14,2010.With the support if his fans from all over the world ‘Mr.Steal Ya Girl’ has definetley captured the attention of everyone with his seductive, and catchy lyrics.This album is  very intriguing.Each song brings you closer and closer to what Trey’s passsion, pain, and pleasure is. This album is well written and produced by him and two other well know talents, Troy Taylor and Johnta Austin . With features from Nicki Minaj and Drake two of the top MC’s in the game right now you are  in for a major treat.Trey Songz is a creative and intellegent writer/singer/and performer.With 3 albums strong Just Gotta Make It,Trey Day,Ready,and now his fourth album known as ‘Passion,Pleasure ,&Pain he is winning in the R&B game.

This album however bring about emotions and touches on topics of passion,pain and pleasure.The first single ‘Bottoms Up’ ft the barbie Nicki Minaj is very catch and upbeat. However  the second single  off his album ‘Can’t Be Friends’ he expressed how a relationship has affected friendship.I’m sure a lot of us has experienced that.So not only does he have good music but music we can relate to.I support Trey Songz to the fullest ,and I think he was exactly what music needed to change.He is unlike any other R&B singer although he has been compared to many.Trey Songz will have many more albums and mixtapes to be released throughout the years and in the beginning he said he ‘just gotta make it ‘ but now he can he really did.Look for Trey Songz on the upcoming ‘OMG Tour ‘ with Usher, because it’s surely one you don’t want to miss and if you don’t have the album you need to get it ASAP.So now that we know Trey’s Passion,Pleasure&Pain , What’s yours?