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This boy is crazy, Jamal Thomas is charged with setting fire to two Domino’s, including store on Boston Road where he had worked.

He was training to become assistant manager after two years of working for Domino’s when he was fired this summer , fire officials said.

Thomas held on to his key and uniform, and used both to exact his revenge.

He visited several stores in uniform, claiming to be part of a secret Domino’s team measuring employee satisfaction. He was really scoping out targets to torch, investigators believe.


The branch he worked at, on Boston Road, burned on Aug. 22 around 6:30 a.m. It took 60 firefighters to put the fire out.

A second Domino’s, on White Plains Road, caught fire around 4:42 a.m. on Sept. 5. The apartment above the store was occupied. Nobody was injured in either fire.

Both blazes were started with pizza boxes inside the stores, fire officials said. No accelerant was used.


A fire marshal arrested Thomas on Friday on Nereid Ave. in his Nissan Altima.

Thomas had a .357-caliber stainless steel revolver in his glove compartment with five rounds inside. Five additional rounds were found in his car. He also had a switchblade in his pocket.

‘Domino’s is a terrible place to work,’ Thomas seethed, according to court papers. ‘They didn’t treat me right. They are terrible to the workers. I was punched at work and nobody helped me.’