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Welcome to my new blog column ‘Oh No They Didn’t’. I’ll be using this post to discuss some of the mopst scandelous topics that I come across. I actually got the idea from the topic I actually am going to cover in this post.
I was at my job ‘kicking the shits’ with a few of my co-workers. We were doing our usual, comparing interesting stories on the internet. We would always try to find a story that would get the biggest response, or should I say that they would present me with stories that hopefully I would find interesting enough to write and rant about. Often I would find something interesting but I felt as if I didn’t have the outlet to do so.
One day though I saw something that made me say ‘Oh no they didn’t!!!’ and voila! One of my co-workers decided that I should have a segment of my blog dedicated to the ‘Oh no they didn’t’s in the world. SO here it is.
My topic…’Martin Loofah King.’

No my spell check didn’t fail you.

For less than $20.00 you can purchase the Martin Loofah King exfoliating glove. I thoought that this was a joke, but some IDIOT named Shed Simove who goes by the alias Idea Man decided to disrespect one of the founders of the civil rights movement by putting his face on a gag gift. After researching the Ideas Man website I discovered the other tastless items he had online which range from The Butt Plug and the Cock A Doodle Pad.

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