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After all that has happened in the past weeks regarding Wayne Rooney and his plans of a monstrous pay rise by threatening to leave Manchester United, the typical football fan would be forgiven for being somewhat cynical and lamenting the demise of football as we know it, with the average footballer pledging allegiance to the size of the pay cheque rather than any sort of loyalty.

It will probably take time for Wayne to be truly forgiven by the United faithful, assuming of course they ever truly forgive him for his insulting nature and disrespectful attitude towards them, the manager and the club as a whole. Perhaps yet more of a slap in the face is that so soon after his contract, and undoubted pay rise, was agreed, he was seen jetting off to Dubai with wife Coleen to try and repair the damage done by his exploits with certain ‘ladies of the night’.

So what a breath of fresh air it will have been, when the quality of United’s squad was questioned so blatantly by Mr Rooney, that a certain young striker in the form of Javier Hernandez, a complete unknown merely months ago, steps up and fills the void, impressing with quality performances and beginning to forge what looks like a formidable partnership with Dimitar Berbatov.

When signed out of the blue, many people questioned the wisdom behind such an unproven signing. The world cup gave glimpses of what fans could expect, and the potential that was clear for all to see. However, an impressive world cup would mean nothing if he failed to settle in the Premiership. Fortunately, the expectations have been justified and although it is still early to judge, it is hard to be too pessimistic about such a promising start to the season.

So here we have a potential new hero. A clean living young Mexican who plays with a smile on his face and celebrates every goal as if it were his first with the known fact he is a hard worker making a good impression on Sir Alex. On the other hand we have the highest paid player in United’s history, currently sidelined with an ankle injury and in the worst form of his career, with an unsavoury private life splashed all over the tabloids and a lack of respect towards his team mates. 

It is small wonder why ‘Chicharito’ is selling all the shirts thus far.

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