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So Liz Cheney decided to go in on Attorney General Eric Holder because he said that terrorist in court have the same rights as murders like Charles Manson. Cheney’s group, Keep America Safe, lashed out at Holder claiming the Attorney General doesn’t know we’re at war and criticized him for his comments. There are two sides of the coin on this one, Holder being the Attorney General of the United States will always speak in terms of the rule of law, and the law is clear, that everyone has the right of counsel once they are brought before a court. No matter how heinous the crime everyone deserves counsel. Cheney and her group, Keep America Safe, seems set on going past the rule of law all together and straight to execution.


Unfortunately that’s not how the justice system works. If anything Holder is hoping that our troops find and kill Osama bin Laden before he comes before a court. In fact just yesterday Holder, speaking before a House subcommittee on Tuesday, said “that the U.S. would be reading Miranda rights to the corpse of Osama bin Laden.‘ So Eric Holder is on his job, check out what he said to the House subcommittee.