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What’s up, people, it’s your girl, Brandy! Being in the spotlight means always having the latest fashion, and I LOVE to shop, okay?! What girl doesn’t love adding to her wardrobe? So I was amazed when I came across this really cool project that the Pepsi Refresh Campaign supported. Check it out…

Kerry Quigley put her fashion skills to work by not only launching her own store, but also making it a place where young women can hangout and de-stress. A store where you can shop, hangout, read a magazine and feel better about yourself. SIGN ME UP!

And thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Project, Kerri was rewarded a $250,000 grant to launch her Positive Image retail store. This year, Pepsi is giving away more than $20 million in the U.S. to fund good ideas, BIG and small, that move communities forward. Each month, Pepsi awards up to $1.3 million in grants ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 to bring great ideas to life in communities across the nation.

Through the Pepsi Refresh Project, Americans are taking their ideas from wishful thinking to reality. From supporting local arts programs to protecting the environment, stand up for your passion! Great ideas come form anyone, anywhere, anytime!

You decided — each month on America votes to decide which ideas will win a Pepsi Refresh Grant. The ideas with the most votes each month win, so log on NOW and VOTE!

Watch my video blog about my favorite granted idea HERE!