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What follows is the first of a series of excerpts from my new book Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All, which will be released on January 4th. To read excerpt 6, click here.



I’m always amazed by how many people fail to see the connection between giving and attraction. People will tell me they’re writers, but aren’t writing anything at the moment because “magazines aren’t assigning work right now.” Or they’re great chefs, but aren’t working at the moment because they’re self-trained and right now restaurants are “only hiring people who’ve graduated from culinary school.”

Whenever I hear that sort of talk, I say, “Stop making excuses and go do what you’re supposed to be doing! And you can start by cooking me a nice vegan meal if you’ve got too much time on your hands!” Imagine if a comedian said, “Sorry, but I can’t be funny right now because no one’s paying me.” Man, it’s a comedian’s job to be funny all of the time. Whether it’s in the barbershop, at an open mic night, or on his own HBO special. Whether he’s getting paid or not, he can never stop making people laugh. The moment he stops giving away his humor, he stops being a comedian.

-Russell Simmons

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