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With the 2010-2011NBA Season just around the corner a little bit of nostalgia always creeps on in what would have happened if… So it’s no surprise as the new season approaches that Michael Jordan said that if he were playing today he would drop a 100. He told USA Today

“I’m pretty sure I would have fouled out or I would have been at the free throw line pretty often and I could have scored 100 points.”

Wow that’s amazing and the thing is we bet he could do it to, dropping a CENTURY on a team. 

Now let’s dissect this piece of new information, first off, MJ never before spoke about how many point s he would drop on a team, he usually just go out and do it. Second, diving deeper into his comment, he pretty much said that the league isn’t that competitive anymore and of course he could drop 100 points, which is true the league is more about the dunk.  

So could MJ drop a 100 on an NBA team? Sure, why not, we believe so; in fact, take a look at 10 good reasons why Michael Jordan could drop 100 points on an NBA team.


10. Ski Masks and Gloves

When Jordan guarded you it was pretty much robbery season, he ranks #2 all-time in steals right behind John Stockton.


9. Crunch Time is Reppin Time

Mike always came through in clutch time, his buzzer beaters were legendary and to get that extra 2 points for 100 would have been easy.


8. Automatic at the line

MJ was a career 83% free throw shooter and by today’s margin that’s pretty much automatic. Besides as Jordan himself said; ‘I would have been at the free throw line pretty often.’


7. Iron Man

No matter how hurt, which wasn’t often, MJ played no matter what, flu and all MJ was on the court. Michael Jordan clocks in at 41,010 minutes played.


6. Lets get physical

Today the game in’t as physical as it was before, every little ticy tac contact is called, so if Jordan played today he would be at the free throw line at least 15 times a game, easy. Offensive fouls, defensive fouls, he would have been physically dominating.


5. From downtown

Since his prime days of playing the 3 point line his significantly moved in which would make it easier for

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