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If you’re attending Sneaker Con – the biggest sneaker summit of the year – this Saturday in Soho, NY you’ll be likely to see the guys from Chivalrous Culture set up.

Sneaker Con is an enormous collection of sneakers owned by some crazy old man that has a voice that sounds like crumbling leaves who’s trying to bargain for your soul for his shoes.

Okay, well not really, but Sneaker Con allows you to buy/swap/trade your sneakers with over 40 vendors showing off their colorful wares. Not to mention you can always trade-off with any of the countless attendees.

Chiv Culture will be making their debut Sneaker Con performance with their own special display of new colors and new shoes from their Spring 2011 collection.

Chiv Culture has spent their time creating a product that represents a community and a culture. They’re are out to fit the next generation of gentlemen youth that are lining up to inspire and revolutionize the world.

‘We know, lofty ideals for a simple footwear company, but we believe in our followers and their passion. That’s why we’ve put the same passiong in our footwear. We’re proud of our product and we know you’ll feel the same way,’ says a blogpost on the Chiv website.

I have to agree with their blog, it’s the small things that count and set you apart from the shoes on the homeless man laying near the train tracks in a portion of his own piss.

The waxed leather laces and the small Chiv lace eyelet are things that may seem small, but end up making a world of difference. You’ve got the knowledge that you are wearing something wholly original.

‘The little things are what we spend hours toiling over in design sessions to make sure that when you wear a pair of Chiv’s, you know you’re wearing a quality product,’ says Chiv Culture.

But watch out for the homeless man and the fasion design from Europe, they might try to kill you for them.

I’m infatuated with the buttery grey Hamachis above, in fact, i’ve made several pauses while writing this to take a look at the pair of shoes that they said they searched and sourced until they found the perfect grey suede for the shoe that contrasted beautifully with the white molded sole.


Their diligence paid off. Nice job boys.

‘We wanted to produce a colorway that was slightly toned down from the other variations of the Hamachis.  Something with an understated, tonal, more grown appeal.’

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