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Though there are a select few who still view it as ‘stealing,’ sampling is a core element of hip-hop/pop production. So many of our favorite songs have samples, expertly flipped and edited so that they’re almost unrecognizable from the original. The best producers can take 2 seconds from an old songs lost in time and create a totally new piece of music. Certain songs/’breaks’ have been sampled more than others. Here is the GG look at 10 of the most sampled songs of all time, and the classics that sampled them.

Artist: Bob James

Track: ‘Nautilus’

Sampled By: Ghostface Killah (‘Daytona 500’), Mary J Blige (‘Sincerity’ ), Public Enemy (‘Anti-Nigger Machine,’) , Eric B & Rakim (‘Follow The Leader’), Slick Rick (‘Children’s Story’)


Artist: ESG

Track: ‘UFO’

Sampled By: Beastie Boys (‘Sure Shot’),Q -Tip (‘Let’s Ride’), NWA (‘Real Niggaz Don’t Die’), Big L (‘8 Iz Enuff’)



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