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There are speculations that Isaiah Mustafa may be selling the Windows 7 Phone in Australia according to a video found by Gizmodo. If he can turn tickets to that thing you love into diamonds, what can’t he do? Will Isaiah’s manly-man-smell and swan dive convince you to ditch that iPhone?  

Gizmodo, the popular tech-blog asks, ‘Is Windows Phone 7 sexy enough? Can (Isaiah) capture our hearts, and our libidos, with a tile-based interface? We have a feeling he’ll find a way– and it will probably involve him ripping his shirt off a lot, and an ice cream cone filled with rubies or something.’

The beauty of the ‘Old Spice Man‘ commercial is that only the Old Spice Man can do it, copycats will soon learn that the success of the ad not only comes from the creativity of the ad itself but also the maximization of the different tiers of media marketing including paid ads (the one you saw on TV), owned mediums like Facebook and Twitter, and word of mouth interactions (earned media).  

Approaching the customer from three different angles gives the Old Spice man strong viral potential. For Windows 7 Phone to be successful with the campaign, the ad will surely have to be creative and humorous but on top of that it must also permeate the audience through paid, owned, and earned media in order to have the same effect.  

To prolong the mortality of the viral ad, social media has been integrated intensely with earned media and in the following videos it is evident that the interactivity is also key in maintaining Isaiah Mustafa‘s success.  

Take a look at the following videos, which are compact and engaging responses to individual Twitter/website shout outs that also rack up overwhelming views via YouTube.






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