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Dirty Projectors teams up with Bjork for ‘All We Are’ and the collaboration is well seasoned with such logical synergy.  Dirty Projector’s signature twangy folk sound driven by funky indie snares moves on a new path with this track with Bjork’s wispy vocals.  Dirty Projectors’ most recent album Bitte Orca was succesful marriage between pop and folk and easy to put on repeat.  Quietely propelling the song in the background are choral progressions of ‘ooh ooh’ in angelic voices, a welcoming invitation into a four-minute universe of peacefulness.  The band has been churning out consistent pop-folk records that highlight vocals in a purist way that can still hold our interest.

Bjork’s delicate vocals complement the odd composition of melodies that take us on a journey into zen.  Like most indie tracks, this one requires a bit of patience which will be rewarded.  Deconstructed simple vocals that are skillfully layered and stitched back together reminds us of the M83-esque build-up resulting in surprising complexity. If you’ve worn out Modest Mouse’s ear candy ‘The Whale Song’ this track is definitely up your alley.  Almost like going to a yoga retreat minus the downward dog, this piece will be the perfect addition to our orca-themed record collection